Fact check #4

An article from Safety + Health states that, stress can be a major factor of weight gain usually depending on their workload. A study from The University of Georgia states that, “If your heavy workload leaves you exhausted, you may be more likely to engage in some unhealthy behaviors that can lead to weight gain,” they went on further asking people about their work load, they found out that the people that were gaining weight were emotionally eating. They also found out that their and exhaustion led to some behavioral problems causing them to go to behavioral therapy. 

When I tried to go upstream on the website itself there were no articles that fact checked the website. This means that the information can either accurate or inaccurate. Since there are no fact checks on the website the motion of moving laterally isn’t possible, there is no information for me to do so. One reason could be because this study is still recent so no one has done any research prior to the original website. This shows that the legitimacy of the website and the information presented is not that strong because there are no authors that take ownership of the information on the website, the fact that no one is taking ownership i am not really sure if whoever wrote the article has the credentials or expertise in this topic, and there is no background information or any act check about it.

In the article there is a link cited that took me to a website called Sage Journals. This is where the study was put together. According to wikipedia Sage Journal covers research on all topics of management as well as industrial and organizational psychology. Issues that includes review articles only are published biannually in January and July. In the article Sage Journals, author Heather Padilla further explains why people emotionally eat and gain weight. According to help guide the reason people gain weight while emotional reading is because people anything looks good when they eat emotionally, they eat mindlessly, and their hunger is never truly satisfied. Since the information that was just provided backs up the article from Sage Journals I know that the information is accurate and credible. I have concluded that the information that the information in Safety + Health is true because Sage Journals backs up and proves that the information is correct.

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